Q: Is it possible to refer someone who does not have an account before? (If the person does not have a BVN)
A: It is not possible to refer someone without a BVN, as this is one of the necessary criteria for owning a V account.

Q. How do I join the Veelage? 

A. The Veelage is the referral framework of V. In the Veelage, you get to earn money when you refer a certain number of people who have a cumulative sitting balance amongst them. 

Here is how to get started: 

  1. Download the V app from the app store 

  2. Create a V account 

  3. Click on the Profile circle at the top left

  4. Click on "Become a Veelager" 

  5. Click on "Sign up"

  6. Enter your V account number 

  7. Accept terms and conditions 

  8. Receive your “Welcome” email 

  9. Change your password 

  10. Start sharing your referral code

Q: Is it possible to refer someone who does not have an account before? (If the person has a BVN)
A: The person will have to select “BVN” when opening the account, if they previously do not have "other bank account"


Q: Can I customize my referral code?
A: At the moment, referral codes are generated randomly. However, this possibility will be looked into and incorporated in future updates.


Q: Do I get paid immediately after I get all 25 referrals?
A: Payment for a particular month is made on the 3rd working day of the following month, only if the referrals are active, monthly inflow and the cumulative average sitting balance requirements are met.


Q: What if only a few are active, but I meet up with the cumulative balance, will I still be paid?
A: Payment will only be made if the necessary number of referrals are active and the cumulative average sitting balance is met.


Q: I want to become a direct sales agent.
A: The term for this is “Veelager” and you can become a Veelager by either clicking on "Become a Veelager" while in the app or by visiting veelage.vbank.ng and then sign up.


Q: How do I refer with my referral code?
A: 1. Log in to the app, click on the profile picture at the top left corner of the App. Scroll down and click on "share my referral ID" and you will see your code, as well as the options to either share via SMS or Email. There will also be a “Share” button at the top right corner if you want to share the code with your contacts via social media.

2. You could also choose to type the code and simply create your own custom message for the people around you.


Q: How many referrals do I have to get to be paid?
A: There are different levels to it. The minimum, however, is at the Sergeant level where you need to get a minimum of 25 active referrals and a cumulative average sitting balance of N500,000.


Q: How do I activate my account?
A: Your account is regarded as active in the Veelage structure when funded with a minimum balance of N2,000 in the account.


Q: Is it compulsory for the person I register to save N2,000 till the end of the month?
A: The minimum average amount that can be in the account for it to remain active is N2,000.


Q: How do I get people registered under me?
A: Simply share your referral code with them and ensure they input it correctly when the system prompts them during their sign-up for a Vbank account.


Q: Must I have money in my account before I can get paid?
A: Having money in your account is not necessary. Just ensure that your referrals are all active and the cumulative average sitting balance is maintained.


Q: Must I have N2,000 in my account every day to be active?
A: Not necessarily. You can have more or less. However, after calculations, the minimum average should be N2,000. This is calculated when the total inflow in the account over the period that stays over 24 hours is divided by one month. 


Q: My referrals have funded their accounts, but it is still showing them as inactive.
A: This can be determined using the calculation of the average daily balance. Just add up their daily closing balances and divide by the total number of days elapsed for the month. So if your referrals account was created in the middle of the month and funded with N2000 it will be inactive until the funds stay in the account for a month as a daily closing balance or the total deficit amount for the period elapsed is funded into the account and left for about 48 hours. However, the minimum closing balance should remain as a sitting balance.