Q. What is V Biz?
A. V Biz is your all-in-one platform that enables Corporate and SME (Small and Medium
Enterprises) users to open, manage and transact from their V Bank Accounts. It offers unmatched
convenience while allowing users to perform various transactions and functions on their
accounts in the comfort of their homes and offices.

Q. How can I access the V Biz?
A. You can access the V Biz portal via the V Biz website (https://vbiz.ng/) or by typing the direct URL
(https://vbiz.vfdbank.com/) in your device browser.

Q. How can I log in to V Biz:
• Visit the V Biz website at https://vbiz.ng/ and click Sign In
• Input your login email, and password and click login
If correct details are provided, you will be able to view your dashboard and perform transactions

Q. How can I register on V Biz?
A. You can register on the V bank App by following the steps below:
- Visit the V Biz website and click Open Account
- Select Sign Up and select your preferred means of registration
- I have a Corporate V Bank Account
- I have a Personal V Bank Account
- I don’t have a V Bank Account
- I have a Registered Business
- I would like to register a company
- Follow the prompts to complete the process


Q: I’m trying to register an account on VBiz, but my company has one director, and the portal says at least 2 directors’ details are needed, how do I go about it?

A: The first question the agent should ask is what type of company the customer is trying to register because every company must have at least 2 directors (Limited liability, Trustees, and NGOs). However, this doesn’t apply to sole proprietor businesses as it is a one-man companies. Partnership requires at least 2 partners.


Q. What details do I need to complete my registration?
A. The required detail may vary depending on your preferred registration flow. Below captures the
required details for each registration option:
For Account Holders:
• V bank corporate account
• Company directors’ details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
• Account operators’ details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
• Phone number on the bank account
For Registered Companies who want to open an account:
• Company details (RC or BN Number and Tax Identification Number)
• Management details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
• Account operators’ details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
For users that want to register their business:
• Proposed company name
• Management details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
• Shareholders' details (BVN, NIN, and Email)
• Directors' and Shareholders' signatures

Q. What transactions and functions can I perform on V Biz?
A. You can perform the following activities on V Biz
• View account balance
• Make a payment
- single payment: this allows you to make payment to a single beneficiary at once
- bulk payment: this allows you to make payments to multiple beneficiaries with a single
• Save and manage beneficiaries
• View analytics and reports
• Generate bank statement
• User management
• Support activities (PIN reset, change password, etc)


Q. What’s the transaction limit on VBiz and how many transactions can I process at once?

A: There’s no limit on the transaction you can process daily, but the limit per transaction is 5 million.


Q: Can I process more than one transaction at once, and how many?

A: There’s the bulk payment feature on VBiz that allows you to process multiple transfers and you can upload up to 200 at once. Any user with initiator access can do this.

  • Log in to the portal.

  • Go to make a transfer

  • Click on transfer to other accounts, then select upload file

  • Download the template and bank codes. Populate the template with beneficiary details and bank codes of the beneficiary bank and upload the same on the portal.

Q: I have uploaded salary payments of my staff but I can’t transfer them, I see a batch off and batch on option, what is it for, is it required to complete these transactions?

A: Batch enables you to label your bulk payments for easy reference. If turned on, you are required to label the batch – name it according to preference before you can proceed with completing the transaction

Q. What can I do under user management?
A. You can view all the users that have access and roles on your company account under User
Management. The Super Admin can also perform some actions on any of the users. Some of these
actions include:
• Create a new user(s)
• Disable/enable/block users
• Change user roles

Q. What kind of roles can my users have on V Biz?
A. You can assign any of the roles below to your users on V Biz
• Initiator: this user can initiate and submit transactions. However, these transactions will only
be processed after approval
• Reviewer: this user can review transactions submitted by the Initiator. He/she cannot
initiate or approve transactions
• Viewer: this user is only able to log in and see what’s happening on the platform but is
unable to initiate or approve transactions
• Approver: this user can approve transactions on the platform but cannot initiate
• Super Admin: this user can create other users and assign roles to them but cannot initiate or
approve any transaction unless the user also has these roles. The Super Admin role is
automatically assigned to whoever initiates and completes the companies onboarding

Q. Can a single user have more than one role?
A. A single user can have more than one role based on what is assigned by the Super Admin

Q. What do I need to authorize a transaction on V Biz?
A. You will need your 4-digit PIN (set up during onboarding) and OTP (one-time passcode) sent to
your registered phone number to authorize a transaction

Q. How do I generate my account statement?
A. Login to V Biz and follow the steps below:
• Click on Analytics and Reports
• Select Request Account Statement
• Select account and date range
• Choose document format and submit
The statement will be sent to your registered email address

Q. If I have more than one company, can I access both from the same portal?
A. You can add your multiple companies on the same portal and have access to all.

To add a new company, follow the steps below:
• Login to your V Biz
• Select Add Company (on the top right)
• Select how you would like to add the company
• Follow the prompts to complete the process


Q: I do not have a registered business, but I’d like to onboard on VBiz.

A: For now, only registered businesses with CAC can open an account on the portal.


Q. What happens if I forget my login password?
A. You can reset your password from the V Biz login page by following the steps below
• Click on Forgot Password on the login page
• Input your email address and click Reset Password
• Open the email sent to your address and click on the link/URL
• Set up your new password and log in

Q. Are there any charges for using V Biz?
A. There are no bank charges on inflow except for stamp duty charge which CBN mandates, outbound transfers to other banks cost N10 irrespective of the amount


Q: One of the operators I’m trying to add does not have NIN but has a voter card, and I can’t see the option to add other ID card types.

A: For now, the only ID card required to add users on VBiz is NIN, however, this will change soon and we will keep you informed.


Q: I have completed all the fields required to make a transfer yet, I cannot transfer, I can see the transfer option but it's grayed out, what can I do?

A: This happens when there’s a piece of information that’s yet to be provided, please confirm that all fields are filled with the required details. Additionally, ensure the batch is labeled if you turned on the batch for bulk payment.


Q: Can you create a VBiz profile for me, please?

A: The profile creation is a self-onboarding process. We are happy to assist if you encounter an issue.