This feature allows you to withdraw cash from the ATM without the need for your debit card. You will also be able to locate the nearest ATMs to you by using the “Nearest ATM Locations” tab under the “Cardless Withdrawal” menu.

Please ensure your device location is turned on as the “Nearest ATM Locations” tab relies on this to function effectively.


  • Log in to your V Bank App

  • Select Payments

  • Select Cardless Withdrawals

  • Select Withdraw Cash

  • Select account to debit (if you have multiple accounts on the app)

  • Enter withdrawal amount

  • Set a one-time 4-digit withdrawal PIN (this will be used to withdraw the funds at the ATM)

  • Click on Continue to enter your V Bank App PIN and confirm details

  • Click on Confirm to submit the transaction


The details you will use for the withdrawal will be displayed on your app and also sent to you as SMS. Visit the closest ATM to you to withdraw the cash.


However, if you do not know where the closest ATM is, follow the steps below to find one.


  • Click on Nearest ATM Locations under the Cardless Withdrawal menu

  • The closest ATMs to you will be displayed on a map and also listed with their addresses below the map

  • Choose your preferred ATM location and visit same to withdraw the cash


Follow the steps below when you get to the ATM:

  • Click any button on the machine to remove the ad screen

  • Select cardless withdrawal/Paycode  from the ATM screen menu

  • Enter the details displayed on your app screen and also sent to you vis SMS i.e. the Paycode, withdrawal amount, and your one-time withdrawal PIN

  • If these details are correct, your account will be debited, and the ATM will dispense your cash