To deposit cash into your Vbank account from anywhere across the country, please follow the steps below:

  1. Visit any bank's branch
  2. Fill in the details below on the deposit slip

  •       Account Name: “VFD MFB”
  •       Account Number: write the account number you want to deposit cash into
  •       Payer’s Name: Name of Depositor [your name]
  •       Payer’s Phone Number: Depositors phone number [your phone number]
  •       Amount: Inclusive of the transaction fee of up to N100 (One hundred Naira only)

  1. Give the completed form to the bank teller
  2. Request to make a cash deposit using E-Bills
  3. The teller will process the deposit and the beneficiary will receive an instant credit 

Please note:

  • A service charge of up to N100 applies
  • Where you are asked to provide a payment code, please provide the VFD MFB beneficiary account number and the VFD MFB beneficiary account name will be confirmed. 

Kindly Contact V Bank support at if you encounter any challenges